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Signs of Fingerprints Book by Carlos Simpson

Signs of Fingerprints

"This extraordinary book highlights original images and carefully selected fonts that explore the nuances of the Western Alphabet. Dive into the world of typography, identity, and artistic expression as you unravel the intricate connection between handwriting and personal identity."

Politics Design Book by Carlos Simpson

Politics Design

Politics Design explores and portrays the power of the political stamps in politics. The importance and impact of marketing and graphic design as a carrier of messages and tool of influence to persuade civilians in the political and cultural context.

Portraits of the Self and Fingerprints Book by Carlos Simpson

Portraits of the Self and Fingerprints

Portraits Of The Self And Fingerprints "is an anthropological and philosophical study with the intention of better understanding first of all the Man/Woman and everything that surrounds him/her in order to understand my own existence as an individual and evolutionary matter.”

You Make Your Rights Book by Carlos Simpson

You Make Your Rights

Imagine a world without identity, and what my mind would do trying to wrap itself around the concept of someone trying to sell me the idea of identity. I don’t mean lacking the ability to distinguish ourselves from other entities as separate individuals, I mean the idea of knowing who other people *are*.

Sketchbook Book by Carlos Simpson

Sketchbook: A Survival Guide

In the Survivor Guide by Carlos Simpson, the author shares some of his raw ideas and thoughts using a wide variety of techniques ranging from pencil drawings to watercolour, collage to coloured pencils, to pen and ink, handwriting, colours, photography, symbols, and information that we use every day.

This sketchbook by Carlos Simpson explores the individual in a social, cultural, and political context.

As a specialist communicator and an image-maker, I always start my first idea on a blank page which can be found in my sketchbook.

My 2023 Lockdown Project Book by Carlos Simpson

My 2020 Lockdown Project

Embark on a transformative journey through the extraordinary book “My 2020 Lockdown Project (Reflections).” Artist Carlos Simpson captures the essence of a global community navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

My Quote for today: Life's canvas is painted with the brushstrokes of our choices, and in the masterpiece of each moment, we find the art of becoming. (C.S.)